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Welcome! You’ve reached the official online resource for news and information about William Horwood along with a lot more about his newest series Hyddenworld and his other work. Scroll down the navigation bar to your left to explore our pages. As the site continues to build we’ll run reviews, new pod/vodcasts, media interviews and profiles, his blog and the artwork and print around Hyddenworld as it develops. Feedback means a lot to William as it does to all authors so try out our feedback form as well. Enjoy!


AWAKENING, the second volume in the Hyddenworld Series, is published by PanMacmillan on 5th August 2011. We've changed the title from SUMMER because it fits in better with the story itself. The third volume, which William is now finishing, is titled HARVEST. The first volume in the series was published in paperback in January this year and simply titled HYDDENWORLD .

Writing Courses

William has run very successful writing courses in Oxford for a number of years helping others realize their potential as writers and get published. Now he’s intending to take his inspiring introductory Foundation Course to other cities this coming Autumn, including London, Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham. This course is suitable for all levels of writing ability. But numbers are limited so if you’d like to know more and develop your own writing skills with the help of someone who has a huge range of experience in different writing fields let us know here. We’ll get back to you the moment dates and venues are fixed with the details


Publication of the first title in his new adult fantasy series last year marked William’s return to his hallmark genre after nearly fifteen years. It’s also the start of a long-term collaboration with PanMacmillan, Britain’s best and most successful publisher of science fiction and fantasy for adults and children. Each of the four Hyddenworld titles will be published annually.You can read more about them here. Expect huge themes, exciting plots, vivid descriptions and some unforgettable characters who’ll share their triumphs and tragedies, heroism and flaws, humour and emotion when you join them on a quest to save the Earth, the Universe… and your bit of it too!