How to keep writing fit in a time of Pandemic

I’ve just put up the second of my informal series of YouTube videos about writing in a time of pandemic. It’s a response to a wonderful (and often challenging) reader of mine who has asked, ‘How do you write and keep fit at a time like this – if you do!?’

It’s a great question – and yes I do! Any job that involves sitting down too long is intrinsically unhealthy for body, mind and spirit. We don’t need a doctor to tell us that, nor a fitness professional. We know it empirically. Speaking personally, whenever I get carried away and make the mistake of sitting bashing away at my keyboard for too long, I end up physically stiff, mentally tired and marginally depressed. Result? The quality of my work goes down and so does the number of words I get written. Inevitably, during a time of isolation, social distancing, limited travel and lock-down, the risks are even greater than usual.

So I want to share now the simple daily exercise routine I’ve been following for years that has helped me maintain a high production rate for my novels, short stories and journalism, while minimizing the time spent sitting at my desk… You can reach out and let me have your opinions and reactions on YouTube or LinkedIn I will continue to respond to our conversation with new videos that explore the questions you raise.


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