I love audio. In fact there are some authors, like Lee Child, Hilary Mantel and C.J. Sansom, I only ever listen to and never read. Why? First, it’s a magical way of entering the dream-world of story where voice takes over and other peoples’  images do not intrude into your imaginative world.  Second, if the reader is as brilliant as with those three authors it’s like having  a great actor performing for you alone in your home, or car – or in my case  – my bed! I can listen in the dark and journey anywhere and everywhere.  It gave me great pleasure to choose two great readers for my books: the incomparable Gareth Armstrong for the Duncton titles and the late, great Richard Briers for the four Willows books.


A quest into the nature of love and greed, oppression and freedom, courage and corruption – and finally into the nature of grace and the…

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As the glorious events of Duncton Wood ended, Tryfan, son of Bracken and Rebecca, was entrusted with a special task – to accompany the old…

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The Duncton Chronicles now reach an inspiring and triumphant conclusion… Under the ruthless leadership of Henbane of Whern, the grikes have taken over moledom. Now…

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