The research is clear: we all have different diurnal rhythms, meaning  we work better at some times of the day than others. More than that: we work differently – with more or less energy – depending where we’ve reached with the project. You probably know your best creative time already. Mine, like many writers, is the morning. I tail off around 1430hrs physically, mentally and emotionally. I need a break, I need the real world. So for me starting at 0800hrs makes sense, because I’m aiming each session to put in 4/5 hours with breaks. One reason it’s so hard to write that book while you’re working full- or part-time is because you’re not able to write at the time that’s best for you and you get interrupted by work needs.  I got my first novel written only by taking the risk of giving up my job.  If you can’t do that then block of time away from work and get that book written in chunks. One way or another you need to become personally time:creative aware if you’re going to make the best use of the time available to you.

Photo: David Kennedy