Horwood - PB Duncton St Horwood - StoneUnder the cruel leadership of Quail,  sectarian Newborns have taken control of the key systems of Moledom. But the loyal followers of the Stone have not given up.  In Duncton Wood, home of spiritual truth and liberty, resistance lives on. Its champion is the timid Library aide Pumpkin, while in holy Uffington, Fieldfare inspires revolt. Even in dread Wildenhope, headquarters of the Newborn leadership, the once-evil Thripp, strives to undermine Quail’s position and right the wrongs he originally inspired. Meanwhile, Stone followers everywhere await news of Privet, female scholar and scribemole, and of her quest for the lost Book of Silence. Even if she finds it, will she have the strength to bring it home?

‘A magnificent achievement’ Independent

HarperCollinsPublishers 1992 ISBN 0002241749
HarperCollinsPublishers 1993 ISBN 0006476015