Horwood - D QuestAs the glorious events of Duncton Wood ended, Tryfan, son of Bracken and Rebecca, was entrusted with a special task – to accompany the old scribemole Boswell back to the Holy Burrows of Uffington and take the seventh Stillstone to its rightful resting place. But a dark evil is spreading across moledom, whispering falseness to the weak and giving corrupt power to the cunning and faithless. When the two moles finally reach Uffington they discover only death and destruction. The sacred burrows are abandoned, the Holy Library desecrated and the sole survivor is a frail and timid mole called Spindle. For out the chilly of the chilly north have swarmed the Grikes – a bloodthirsty tribe of warrior moles under the leadership of their evil queen, Henbane. They are fanatical followers of the Word, a harsh creed  which demands that they convert or kill all believers in the sacred Stone. Their tyranny extends far and wide and even mighty Duncton Wood is now threatened. Tryfan finds he has a new and terrible task…
‘A passionate, lyrical, appealing tale…’ Cosmopolitan

HarperCollinsPublishers 1988 ISBN 0712616950
HarperCollinsPublishers 1989 ISBN 0099606208