Horwood - Found

The first trilogy of the Duncton Chronicles now reaches an inspiring and triumphant conclusion… Under the ruthless leadership of Henbane of Whern, the grikes have taken over moledom. Soon their ascendancy is to be consolidated by Lucerne, her son by Tryfan, and the last followers of the Stone rooted out and killed. Duncton Wod has been sealed off and made a colony for aging and diseased outcasts whose sterile feuding and self-hatred, the grikes believe will destroy forever the legendary system’s spiritual power. But it is here, in the very shadow of hopelessness and death, that the Stone Mole has been born. His name is Beechen and the aging Tryfan is entrusted with preparing him for the great task of showing all moles how the Stone’s Silence may be finally known. As young Beechen sets forth from Duncton Wood, he finds that the dark forces of the evil Word have been unleashed against him. He will need all the courage and faith other moles can give him, if hope is to survive…
‘A great big mole-epic with a great big theme…’ Daily Mail

HarperCollinsPublishers 1989 ISBN 0712629793
HarperCollinsPublishers 1990 ISBN 0099683008