This is the story of an extraordinary journey from a past too painful to imagine to the future every child deserves… Based on William Horwood’s own heartbreaking boyhood in south-east England after the Second World War, when he faced the stigma of illegitimacy and the trauma of early loss. It is the triumphant story of a boy’s struggle within his family and against an education system that failed him and how it became an inspiring voyage into adulthood. Using all the skills that went into the creation of his modern classics Duncton Wood, Skallagrigg and The Willows in Winter Horwood has painted an unforgettable picture of personal survival and  how a belief in the natural world can turn darkness into light.

‘A beautifully written and deeply moving memoir’ Sunday Times

Headline Review August 2004 ISBN 0755313178
Headline paperback August 2005 ISBN 0755313186