The twelve days of Christmas are fast approaching and Mole is planning to enjoy every one of them with his River Bank friends. But all is not well, for the River Bank, normally so full of good cheer and friendship, has been overtaken by a pervading gloom that is the very opposite of festive good spirits.  Mole soon discovers that the problem is one that he and his bachelor friends are ill-equipped to deal with: the arrival of a formidable female who is set not only to impose on Toad’s natural generosity but to win his affections as well. Recognizing the danger Mole must find a way of getting the help of Toad’s other  long-suffering friends, Ratty and Badger, ad seek to do all they can to save the infatuated master of Toad Hall from himself. But they embark on this thankless task in the certain knowledge that when Toad’s involved everything that can go wrong, will go wrong – and that yet worse is very likely soon to follow…

‘Faithful to Kenneth Grahame’s classic’ Daily Mail

HarperCollinsPublishers 1999 ISBN 0002256045
HarperCollinsPublishers 2000 ISBN 0006510264