A quest into the nature of love and greed, oppression and freedom, courage and corruption – and finally into the nature of grace and the power of the spirit… Despite their differences the moles of Duncton Wood are members of the same once-proud system. But all are now under the cruel tyranny of Mandrake, a mole corrupted by absolute power. Only in the shadow of the Stone, the inspiring half-forgotten symbol of a better past, can the strength to resist oppression be found and led by Bracken.

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As the glorious events of Duncton Wood ended, Tryfan, son of Bracken and Rebecca, was entrusted with a special task – to accompany the old scribemole Boswell back to the Holy Burrows of Uffington and take the seventh Stillstone to its rightful resting place. But a dark evil is spreading across moledom, whispering falseness to the weak and giving corrupting power to the cunning and faithless…

‘A passionate, lyrical, appealing tale…’ Cosmopolitan

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The Duncton Chronicles now reach an inspiring and triumphant conclusion… Under the ruthless leadership of Henbane of Whern, the grikes have taken over moledom. Now her son by Tryfan, Lucerne, will consolidate their ascendancy and root and and kill the last followers of the Stone. But a mole called Beechen is born and his coming has been prophesied. His role is so important that only the aging Tryfan can be entrusted with the task showing him how he must lead moles back to path of liberty and justice, which is to the Silence of the Stone…

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